So the campaign just started, and 4 characters, Garrthe Barkbeard a dwarf peasant played by me (Chaos), Wysen a Hedge Wizard played by (Phantom), and 2 NPC dwarves Kaigan Irongut the runesmith, and Dronkin a dwarf warrior type (forgot the class).

My character Garrthe is a dirt farmer who left his life of farmin’ dirt to become an adventurer.. He plans on being a hunter and perhaps a bounty hunter or scout.. I want to get me a pet Bear and a crossbow, and some sweet sniping skills.

I’m guessing the hedge wizard is going full wizard lord if he can and Kaigan is probly gonna be either like a paladin or a full on runesmith or demon slayer.
Dronkin is really just some added NPC muscle so far..

Kaigan is less of an npc and more like the DM’s character. We’ve had fun so far doing some modules the DM has.

So far we got ambushed in the street by thugs, ripped off by the tavern owner, I broke the door to his inn with my head and had to pay for it (the door was stuck…. don’t judge me! lol). We were robbed in the night by a cat-burglar and had to chase him rooftop to rooftop to hunt him down. I broke the guy’s arm with my axe and we turned him in to the guards. After that we got a job looking for a cursed jewel sought after by some shady rich guy. Apparently the gem was cursed and had to be brought back in six hours in a specially warded box, or it’d kill us and everyone around us. We went down into the sewers to find it and found utter carnage and death everywhere. Apparently the bandits who stole it were getting slaughtered by other bandits, who in turn were getting slaughtered by the plague cultists who originally owned the gem (I think). We went on some fun mine cart rides with me running behind (I failed to jump on board) and fought a lot of cultists in a huge battle. We managed to stop them from summoning something nasty and stole some of their smuggled crates of goods, and killed the cultists.
Garrthe managed to slaughter a lot of dudes so far even though he’s just a peasant with a hand axe… I’m shocked and surprised he is doing so well. My face has been bandaged several times and now it’s scarred on the cheek and forehead from fighting 2 nasty cultists at the same time.
They got me in the face with a dagger, but I crushed one dude’s arm and cut him in half… and we managed to kill all of them. We got a big fat reward of 100 gold crowns each and sold some of the books we looted for like 5 times that. All in all it was a sweet start to what I hope will be an epic journey.


Don_Miguel chaosmastermind

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