Garrthe Barkbeard

Dwarf Peasant Dirt Farmer, plans to get a pet bear and be a crack shot with a crossbow.


Garrthe Barkbeard is a peasant dirt farmer with a boring dreary existance. Farmin’ dirt ain’t no picnic and it’s filthy work. He has finally had it with that sort of drudgery and decided to find his fortune elsewhere in the woods of the kingdom, to perhaps be a mercenery or a scout for the empire, or maybe a bounty hunter. He has blue eyes and long brown hair, with a big brown beard down to his belt. He dresses in furs, leather pants, boots, and a heavy backpack filled with odds and ends such as animal traps, food, bedroll etc. He always carries with him a trusty handaxe which he uses to split wood and skulls, and recently acquired a crossbow with which he will practice a great deal.

Garrthe is a simple man with simple needs, food, drink, a good story and a good laugh is all he really needs. Oh, and he strangely enough can’t stop talking about his balls.

Garrthe Barkbeard

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